Ultimate Tips for a Stress free Move!

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Moving house can be quite a challenging and stressing experience.


  1. Because you are changing the environment and it always takes time to set up and be comfortable in a new place.
  2. The workload during a house removal can be massive and without any help, it can become a hassle.
  3. It cost money and you obviously don’t want to blow your budget off with your household removals.

A house move has to be well prepared. If you don’t have the experience, it’s important to read, take advice and tips and prepare your removals in advance.

Below are the ultimate tips for a stress-free move!

=>Take time off for your move

  • You need time. That’s not negotiable.
  • Minimum hour per day packing two weeks prior the removal day ( with one, two, three packer)
  • One day off before to finalise packing and organise everything.
  • One day for your move.
  • One day after to unpack boxes and fixing items.

These advices are from professionals, that have thousand of moves experiences under their belt.

Without any free time for preparation, the workload will be too intense, the move will be not well organised and you might spend too much for your relocation.

=> Use Packing Gears

The best way to stress you out and bring more hassle is to have random items everywhere. You will feel like your move is never-ending. And there is nothing worse.

  • Use Packing boxes, a lot of cartons.
  • We use minimum 20 boxes for a small move, up to 100 boxes for 4 bedrooms.
  • An average size house is approximately 40/50 boxes.

The game plan is: no small random items!

=> Check Your Lease and Your Inventory of Fixture

If you are living since a few years at the same place, you might have forgotten a few things about the state of your house when you did moved in.

It’s important to take one hour and write down all the items or stuff to need fixing before handing over the keys.

You obviously don’t want any bad surprises and being charge by your real estate.

Especially, in that case, you could be charged for minor fixing that you could have done yourself or at higher rates due to the rush of the new tenants moving in.

  • We always advice our customers to start checking the house two weeks prior to the move.
  • If you have to fix some stuff in the garden ( plants, lawn etc … ) we recommend 3 to 4 weeks.

This is a very important part of the move as you could save hundreds of dollars on your bond. Once again, with time and anticipation, everything runs smoothly.

Having friends or family around with skills, knowledge and tools to fix and help with all the issues will surely help too.

=> Use Moving Service Providers

When it comes to an end of lease, real estate can be very strict and it’s important to be accurate.

  • If you have broken items or anything damage, don’t hesitate to call tradies, handyman or any company that could eventually fix it.
  • You can even ask for a global quotation package with a lower price if you have a few stuff to fix!
  • Cleaning is often the main problem when it comes to the end of the lease. Your house has to be perfectly and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Most of the time your real estate will advise you on good cleaning companies and this will be easier for you as they know the quality level of this service provider.

If you don’t want to call a cleaning company you should consider 8 to 12 hours cleaning for One person for a standard 3 bedroom house.

Why Choose Kroos Logistics?

Kroos Logistics Removals is one of the most renowned moving company in the Perth area.

  • Our reputation speaks for itself. We did serve thousands of customers with a 5 stars service and with true dedication and diligence.
  • We provide a full relocation package including
    • cleaning,
    • removal,
    • furniture shop pick up,
    • rubbish removals,
    • piano removals,
    • office relocations etc.
  • Our goal is to provide a global service in order to make your removals easy. We have affordable removals rates and high standard services.

You can speak to our sales or operations crew if you have any queries about your house removals in Perth. or Contact us for Removals Quote.

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