What do you need to think about before your apartment move?

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That’s it? You finally decided to move in or out of your apartment?

If you have any fat or apartments move, Kroos Logistics can surely help you with following expert apartment moving advice and relocation services.

Follow #5 Expert Advice Before Moving Apartment

Before moving,

(1) Did you check the Amount of Furniture that you have?

  • Indeed, we have quite often customers moving to apartments with too many furniture items. The price of an apartment is often higher, volume lower and then less space for your furniture.
Image-of-Kroos-Logistics-Removalist-Team Moving Apartment Furniture
  • On top of that, your storeroom will be smaller than a garage.
  • Check with your real estate as very often white goods (Fridgewashing machine, dryer) are already provided too.
  • One important point is the time spend on your apartment removal: this kind of move takes time (much longer than a house), so if you have less furniture it is obviously better.

(2) Check the Size of your Furniture

  • Before moving anything in your flat, make sure everything fits in the right spot or in the lift.
  • It would be a waste of time and money to move those items up and down and then hassle for you to sell or get rid of that furniture in a short period of time.
  • Ask your moving company if any questions about moving some heavy or bulky furniture. They can advise you about disassembly of cabinet or items too.

(3) Prepare your Packing Thoroughly

  • Packing is the most important point of your relocation. Especially for an apartment.
  • If everything is well organised and in boxes, the move will be easier for the removalist, quicker and then cheaper for you.

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Tips on how to make moving packing stress free & Infographics of moving and packing tips.

(4) Choose the Right Moving Company

  • Of course, make sure to find a reputable and seasoned moving company with experience in apartment move.

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(5) Last important tips for your Apartment Move

  • It’s very important that you communicate with your building manager as moving from and to an apartment can be specific.
  • Indeed, there are different rules and you need to communicate with the person in charge to make sure everything is organised well.

We have summed up everything in our blog section

5 expert advice/tips for apartment move and relocations

If you follow those tips, everything will be ready for the kick-off then.

How Kroos Logistics Removals Can help you?

Kroos Logistics Removals is one of the most reputable moving companies in Perth.

If you have any fat or apartments move; from CBD or busiest street in the center of Perth, with no lift or penthouses, duplex apartments up to 5 bedrooms. We can surely help you.

Our reputation due to our attention to detail is proven with the thousands of happy customers that choose us.

We are very proud to offer quality removals services at an affordable price and to be the best moving company in the Perth metro area.

Contact us for a quote, questions or any queries about your move.

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