What’s the main Gears, Equipments Quality Removalists should used?

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How to know that your Moving Company is well equipped? Any moving or removal business, relocation specialist used the following equipments and tools.

Top Removalists Equipments for Moving Companies

  1. Trolleys
  2. Dollies
  3. Lifting Straps
  4. Toolbox
  5. Removals Truck with Special Trolley or Tools for heavy items
  6. Blankets or Pads
  7. Movers Truck Straps and Ties

(1) Trolley

  • Used by the movers to transport heavy items, fridge or washing machine.
  • Every moving company use this kind of tools and it’s compulsory especially if you have to go through a garden or areas where you could get stuck.

(2) Dolly

Dolly For Heavy Fridge Removals
  • Used to move furniture or heavy items.
  • It can be useful in order to be more efficient too as the workers can move big items by themselves.
  • If you have big pots plants it’s better to use dollies.

(3) Lifting Straps

Kroos Local Funrniture Removals Canning Vale
  • Very handy for heavy mattresses or any heavy flat top.
  • It’s very good to avoid hands marks on your fabric/mattress too.

(4) Toolbox

Kroos logistics expert prepare bed for removals
  • Any good removalist has a toolbox in case you have to dismantle furniture, take off the door or anything related to the move.
  • Power tools are even better in order to be quicker.

(5) Special Trolley or Tools for heavy and Specific items

Kroos Logistics Piano Removalist Equipments with Team

In our last blog, we spoke about how your moving company should deal with specific and technical items to move.

  • If you have any pool table, Piano, Stone or anything heavy, please make sure that your removalist has the appropriate tools for that.
  • On top of that, the mover you will choose must have in his truck.

(6) Blankets or Pads

Kroos Logistics Removals Local Removalists in Armadale
  • In order to protect and wrap your furniture and then avoid damages during the transport process.
  • It’s important that your furniture is protected. As a result, you won’t have any scratches, dent, chip on your household items.

(7) Moving Trucks’ Straps and Ties

Kroos Rent Removals Truck with Equipments Straps Ties
  • Your moving company will have some straps and ratchet, ties or anything to avoid your furniture to tilt in the truck and get damaged.
  • You can check online your provider FacebookInstagram or Google Business profile if they used this kind of important removalists equipments, tools and gears to move your items safely.

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