Why Not to Choose the Cheapest Removalist Provider?

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Today, we would like to talk about: Why not to choose the cheapest removalist provider?

We want to help you during your move process by giving you some tips on your household removals.

Indeed, when it comes to choosing a removalist, we understand that it’s very tempting to take the lower price and cheapest removalist.


Everything has a cost and nobody is working for free. You MUST be suspicious if you see any low cheap prices.

Below are the reasons why:

(1) Unreliability 

  • Every day we got an emergency call from people that are looking for a removalist due to a no show.
  • Many customers booked a company and they don’t show up. So you might end up to find another company, the same day, at a high rate due to an emergency.
  • Sometimes show up with different moving trucks from your removals needs. You can check our blog on selecting right rental removals truck options to avoid this scenario.
  • If you can’t find a company, you might pay some penalties to the real estate, or even worse if new tenants have to move in the day after.
  • Ask the moving company or check the photos or reviews online.

(2) Professional Work Experience and Behavioural Training 

  • To perform removalist task and duties, you will need experienced and trained employees. 
  • If workers are not trained or don’t know their jobs, the mine will be done slowly, and you might get some damages on your property or any of your items.
  • This could simply cost you a fortune and a lot of hassle 
  • Ask the company about their crew experience or training processes.
  • Ask the moving company or check the photos or reviews online 
  • At Kroos Logistics, we have strong moral and value and our peoples are selected rigorously.
  • You can find on our website in our values section, what we expect from our employees.

(3) Damages

  • Many customers complaint about damages to their furniture or properties during the furniture removal process.
  • Indeed, as stated above, it is primordial to have a trained and skilled crew.
  • On top of that, you have to make sure that the moving company has all the required tools and protection to perform your move.
  • Blankets ( or pads ) are the most important.
  • Ask the moving company or check the photos or reviews online 

(4) Insurance

  • An accident can happen, even to the best.
  • However, if this kind of events happen, you need to be covered
  • There is different kind of insurance (check our other blog post about Removals Insurance Options For Your House Move in 2020
  • The most important is marine cargo insurance or transit insurance to cover your goods, furniture, household.


How to choose a Good removalist?

  1. Check the removalist reviews and select a business with a good online reputation.
  2. Stay away from removalist with rates under $90 per hour + GST.
  3. Check the insurance cover and ask for insurance policy proof.
  4. Ask about employees and training. You can find some information on the customer reviews too.
  5. Check social media and photo of the team at work.

Photos of Kroos Removals Team At Work

Why Kroos Logistics can be your Removalist for the Next Move?

  • Kroos Logistics Removals is one of the most renowned moving company in the Perth area and operating for many years. We provide a full relocation service in Perth, going from Packing to Removals, cleaning, rubbish removals.
  • Our range of services gives you a full choice regarding your relocation. As per our Goal, We can provide a full package with affordable removals rates, high standard services and stress-free move with only one provider.
  • Our reputation speaks for itself. We did serve Thousands of Customers with true dedication, diligence, reliability, communication and efficiency. As a result of it, we got 5 stars reviews from most of our customers.

You can speak to our sales or operations crew if you have any queries about your house removals in Perth.

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