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While hiring a Moving and Transportation service, it is obvious that you would want to know so many things. You may have queries related to services, charges, process, etc. and you will be glad to know that Kroos Logistics Perth has taken the initiative to answer the queries that are mostly asked by the customers.

Below is a compilation of questions that we mostly receive on our Kroos Logistics Google business profile. Now it’s easier for you to take the decision of hiring the services from us.

1) Is it possible to have a forecast of the time you will spend on the job? OR Maybe a park ball estimate?

We can give you a detailed estimate once we receive the list of your items (accurate) including small items, outside items shed/garage.

2) Do you charge the exact time spent?

Yes, we do charge the exact time spent. Meaning, you don’t need to pay extra even for a minute. We don’t charge any quarterly increase. If we spend 3h15 min, we won’t charge 3h30 min.

3) Do you have protection for furniture and all the tools necessary for the move?

Yes, we follow the exact protection for safe transportation. It includes Quilted blankets, pads, boxes, bubble wrapped. All of our trucks are set up with trolleys, dollies, toolbox abs all the moving gears required by professionals.

4) Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have insurance for your furniture, for the truck, and for public liability too.

5) How do I know which truck to choose?

We make it easier for you! We have different types and sizes of trucks to suit your specific moving needs. You will find a detailed explanation in the final quotation that we will send to you. If you have any doubt regarding the process, feel free to ask our operation team, and they will guide your properly.

6) Do you travel everywhere in Perth? And do you charge depot to depo

We go everywhere in Perth and 600 km around Perth too. However, for the country to move, we give a flat rate. For the Perth metro move, we give an hourly rate and charge house to house.

7) I see you are situated north of the river are there any hidden transport/petrol costs to do a move nor in Joondalup?

There are no hidden charges!! We only charge house to house. Please give us a call for a detailed discussion.

8) I don’t know how many removalists I need? Do I need two or three guys?

For safety and efficiency reasons: for any move bigger than 50 cubic meters, with pick up or delivery upstairs or with any heavy items (> 100 kg) we allocate 3 removalists. (additional mover + $30 per hour ).

The FINAL bill will be the same, the move will be processed faster then. Please get in touch with our operations team for any advice.

9) Do you do country move and deliver outside Perth?

Yes, we do! We go from Geraldton to Albany and anywhere in between. We offer a flat rate for such kind of transportation, meaning that we will need some specific information about your move like; the location detail, items, etc. and we can then give you the right price.

10) How many days in advance shall we book you in?

We suggest you book as early as possible since we are usually booked for one or two weeks in advance. You can discuss it with our operation team to check on that.

11) Can we start at 10 am?

We, unfortunately, can’t give fix starting time as we have numerous jobs with different trucks during the day. It depends on the location too.

If the first job in the morning we start between 7 and 8 am OR otherwise 3 hours the timeframe is given with a better ETA a few hours before. But we can’t give any time estimation before the day of the move as we do our schedule the day before.