Reasonable Perth Removalist Prices

We are one of the leading Moving and Transportation industries in Western Australia and when it comes to pricing of removal services, we are very reasonable with that!

We believe in providing the best quality Moving Services without compromising with customer satisfaction and we follow the highest work ethics during the process. We keep our pricing reasonable and competitive enough for everyone to feel comfortable. Moreover, our process is very transparent and we do not hold any hidden charges.

Removalists Rates Perth Explained

At Kroos Logistics Movers, we are very clear regarding our removalists rates. No additional costs, no extras, no bad surprises.

When choosing a moving company, make sure that the company won’t charge you extra removal cost for miscellaneous reasons.

What kind of charges would some removalists charge?

  • Depot to Depot: some businesses will start invoicing when they leave their warehouse. Same for the way back.
  • Call out fees: Once you book, you will have to pay a deposit. This deposit might not be refunded if you cancel less than 72 hours before the move ( check the company term and conditions)
  • Stairs fees: If delivered upstairs, some moving companies will charge extra
  • Specific rates for particular items to move such as heavy pot Plants, Piano, Pool table, marble table, anything heavy or bulky ( some moving company will charge additional on too of their hourly rates.
  • Fuel levy: some businesses will charge more for fuel. It’s generally a percentage variable.
  • Minimum time: most of the movers charge a minimum time, generally from 1 to 4 hours. Make sure to enquire before booking.
  • Insurance fees: numerous removalists will charge extra for your goods to be insured.

Before booking a moving company, make sure you get a written quotation and check their Term and conditions.


Removalist Prices Perth

Kroos Logistics removalist Perth offer a crystal clear pricing structure



3 tons truck : suitable for 1 or 2 bedroom move . With no sheds or outside items.

✅PRICE 2 WORKERS ✅ $109 per hour + gst



6 tons truck : suitable for 2 bedrooms move or small house.

✅PRICE 2 WORKERS ✅ $125 per hour + gst



9 tons truck : suitable for 3 or 4 bedrooms and big removals .

✅PRICE 2 WORKERS ✅ $140 per hour + gst

    •    Additional removalist $35 per hour
    •   1,5 hours minimum time
    •   $25 travel fees added on the final bill(flat-rate)
    •   No depot to depot fees
    •   No call-out fees
    •   We don’t charge extra for heavy items such as pianos/pool tables/marble tables or large pot plants.
    •   We do not charge depot-to-depot
    •   No surcharge for piano’s, pool tables, large pot plants or any heavy items charge
    •   Nothing extra for stairs
    • No extra for dismantling or re-assembling
    •   No hidden removalists costs


Our service is covered , however insurance does not cover glass items, mirror and TV.

Television can only be transported in TV box

Check our terms and conditions (point 8.1 /8.2/15)